Assignment Photography

So you’ve been given the task of commissioning a commercial photographer, but you’re not sure how to go about it? This guide provides an overview of assignment photography and will assist you in understanding the initial process from planning your project to interpreting the estimate.

Identifying Your Needs

The first step in planning for assignment photography is identifying what style of images might best represent your project themes. Are there any specific concepts, product features or benefits you’d like to highlight? Are there areas that require creative problem-solving? At a strategic level, the answers to these questions will be important in finding the right photographer.

Selecting a Photographer

Try to match your needs with a photographer’s strengths, as most commercial photographers have areas of specialization. Examining the portfolio of potential photographers is always the best way to assess their skills and their suitability for your project. The right photographer should be enthusiastic, understand your concept ideas and be able to communicate them visually.

Requesting an Estimate

Most people understand the importance of accurately defining the scope of any type of work in order to come up with a realistic fee, so you’ll need to provide the photographer with as much detail as possible about the project, before an estimate can be given.

An estimate typically involves three main components:

  • Creative Fee – In addition to time taken for digital capture and image processing, the fee may also take into account other factors (i.e. photographer’s experience and particular expertise).
  • Production Costs – These will vary with each project but may include photographer’s assistant, additional travel expenses, rental fees for additional equipment, and special insurance costs.
  • Licensing Fee – Most commonly priced according to the terms of a license agreement usually determined by the number of images, media type, period of use, and territory.

Photography Brief

In order to complete your project, the photographer requires a detailed description of the assignment. The completion of a photography brief allows both parties to identify what’s required to make the shoot work and ensures completion within the specified time frame.

About me

I’m a freelance photographer who specialises in creating clean, high impact photography. I keep it simple - without surprises. If you'd like to work with a photographer who has fresh ideas, pays attention to detail, and guarantees their work, please contact me to discuss.


Your final cost will be determined by a mix of factors including complexity of the shoot, subject matter, proposed use of the images and resources required to create them. I’ll work with you to develop an affordable outcome that remains focused on your concept and budget.


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