Peter Kincaid PhotographyStatement

My name is Peter Kincaid and I’m a professional photographer based in Port Stephens, NSW.

As a commercial photographer with a background in retail and hospitality management, as well as having a solid base knowledge of marketing, I’m able to work closely with a client to determine their specific requirements and then capture images to fit that brief.

On a personal level, my photography explores architecture, urban landscapes, old relics, and abandoned ruins of the recent past – with a particular focus on point of view, leading lines, colours, shapes and textures. I’d like to believe I’m creating my own abstract interpretation of the subject matter through my photographs.

For me, photography is not so much about the camera, but more about the person behind it, and how they interpret the scene. The challenge is finding the correct balance between capturing an image that’s technically correct, while also creating the right mood and a sense of excitement.

Post production also plays an important role in the creative process. Whilst it’s possible to produce images without even a basic level of post-processing, this then leaves all imaging decisions to the camera software. This offers little opportunity for correcting or creatively enhancing the photographs.

From my perspective, cameras don’t take photographs. The majority of photography happens outside the camera. By blending creative composition with artistic processing techniques, a photographer can create an original work that may stir unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer.

What I offer…

  • Personal service tailored to meet your needs and expectations, plus advice on the best and most cost effective way to approach your project.
  • Flexibility to ensure photographs are taken at the most appropriate time of day.
  • No hidden costs – clear and concise pricing to suit your budget


  • A high level of communication throughout the commission process, from the initial consultation through to final delivery of your images.
  • The same attention to detail in planning your shoot, as in capturing and creating your images.
  • Professional service and a high quality product within the specified time frame.


About me

I’m a freelance photographer who specialises in creating clean, high impact photography. I keep it simple - without surprises. If you'd like to work with a photographer who has fresh ideas, pays attention to detail, and guarantees their work, please contact me to discuss.


Your final cost will be determined by a mix of factors including complexity of the shoot, subject matter, proposed use of the images and resources required to create them. I’ll work with you to develop an affordable outcome that remains focused on your concept and budget.


Peter Kincaid Photography
Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia
Mobile: 0417 498 272